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Episode Archive

Episode Archive

295 episodes of Linux Action News since the first episode, which aired on May 5th, 2017.

  • Linux Action News 294

    May 25th, 2023  |  14 mins 41 secs
    ai integration, ansible lightspeed, azure arc-enabled kubernetes, azure kubernetes service, azure linux, azure monitoring system, azure virtual machines, cbl-mariner replacement, codeweavers, container, crossover, desktop tooling, developers, docker-compatible, employee ownership trust, employee-owned, governance tooling, it automation ai, james ramey, jeremy white, kubernetes integration, linux action news, linux container engine, linux news podcast, openshift ai, podman desktop 1.0, red hat summit, red hat summit 2023, red hat tools, revolution, watson integration, wine

    Microsoft's new Linux server distro, Red Hat Summit 2023 highlights, big changes at CodeWeavers, and Podman catches up to Docker Desktop.

  • Linux Action News 293

    May 18th, 2023  |  12 mins 32 secs
    battery life, bcachefs, charging capabilities, ev battery software, fedora, file system, infotainment os, kde, kernel, lawsuit, linux, linux action news, linux news podcast, norway, open-source infotainment, plasma 6, podcast, software update, tesla, tesla lawsuit

    Bcachefs hits a major milestone, how the Red Hat cuts impact Fedora, Plasma 6 plans, and the software update bricking EV batteries.

  • Linux Action News 292

    May 11th, 2023  |  13 mins 5 secs
    announcements, anti-cheat, apple, attendance, authenticated user, aws, canonical, corrupt batch requests, cve-2023-28410, cve-2023-32233, embedded open-source summit, escalation of privilege, financial strain, fragmentation, google, i915 linux kernel graphics driver, intel, intel linux graphics driver vulnerability, intel security center, jh7110, kernel 6.2.10, linux action news, linux foundation, linux gaming, linux news podcast, local privilege escalation, memory buffer, netfilter flaw, netfilter nf_tables, open source developers, open source summit north america, policy authorization tools, proof-of-concept code, risc-v sbc, roblox, root privileges, snapshot fuzzing, starfive, sustainable ecosystem, system takeover, ubuntu 23.04, valve, visionfive 2, wine

    We get you up to speed on two serious flaws, Linux's recent gaming loss, Ubuntu doubling down on RISC-V, and news from the Open Source Summit North America.

  • Linux Action News 291

    May 3rd, 2023  |  10 mins 34 secs
    ai, amazon, amd, apple, asahi lina, asahi linux, briar, c macros, canonical, collabora, czech republic, display drivers, e2ee, element chat, encryption, end-to-end encryption, fake reviews, fakespot, google, graphics, hackfest, hdr, hdr hackfest, india, intel, ioctl, kde, linux 6.4, linux action news, linux desktop, linux kernel, linux news podcast, matrix, miguel ojeda, mozilla, nvidia, pakistan, pin-init, pin-init api, privacy, product reviews, red hat, restrict, rust, rust for linux, security, system76, unsafe rust, vlc

    The results from the recent HDR Hackfest, Mozilla's new acquisition, and the concerning crack down on free software encryption.

  • Linux Action News 290

    April 27th, 2023  |  12 mins 15 secs
    amd power use, azure active directory, azure ad, btrfs 6.2 regression fix, edubuntu, flathub new website, intel i219-lm, intel vpu, linux 6.3, linux action news, linux news podcast, mantic, red hat layoffs, risc-v, severance package, ubuntu 23.04, ubuntu cinnamon, wsl systemd

    What we know about the Red Hat layoffs, highlights of Linux 6.3, and Canonical's bold claim in Ubuntu 23.04.

  • Linux Action News 289

    April 20th, 2023  |  15 mins 49 secs
    arm 64, asahi, budgie, chilling effect, cra, cyber resilience act, dead space, dnf5, docker hub, dxvk, eu, europe, fedora 38, fedora workstation, flathub, game compatibility, github, gnome 44, kde, legislation, lfnw, linux 6.2, linux action news, linux desktop, linux foundation, linux gaming, linux news podcast, mesa 23, non-commercial, open-source, osi, pierre-loup griffais, plasma 5.27, posh, proton 8.0, rust, rust foundation, rust project, software development, sway, trademarks, unfiltered flathub, valve, vulkan 1.3, wine

    What we like about Fedora 38, why the Rust foundation is in hot water, and more.

  • Linux Action News 288

    April 13th, 2023  |  14 mins 24 secs
    acer iconia, android, apple m2, asahi, btrfs, btrfs performance, chrome 113, collabora, controller, copy-on-write, daniel almeida, direct3d 12, driver, e-waste, firefox, graphics api, i2c, intel atom, kde plasma 6, linux 6.4, linux action news, linux desktop, linux news podcast, linux server, metal, nate graham, novatek, performance, plasma 6, qt 6, qu wenruo, rust, scrub, suse, sustainability, tablet, touchscreen, v4l2, virtio, vulkan, webgl, webgpu

    A classic gadget gets a Linux-powered new lease on life, the next project getting Rusty, great news for Btrfs users, and more.

  • Linux Action News 287

    April 5th, 2023  |  14 mins 58 secs
    android, apache arrow, beta release, bloomberg, btrfs, canonical, celery, chromeos, cpufreq, curl, desktop linux, discourse, django, encryption, fde, fedora, flutter, flutter installer, foss, foss contributor fund, fscrypt, full disk encryption, gnome 44, google, kde, kde discuss, keyboard backlight, kvm, kvm-cpufreq, linux 6.2, linux 6.4, linux action news, linux news podcast, mesa 23, msi, msi laptops, msi-ec driver, netboot, netboot iso, networkmanager, nikita kravets, open-source funding, pipewire, power management, power profile, python, saravana kannan, systemd, tpm, trusted platform module, ubuntu, ubuntu 23.04, virtual machines, virtualization, zfs, 🦞

    A fresh take on open-source funding, Fedora’s plan for better encryption out of the box, and our impressions of the latest Ubuntu Beta.

  • Linux Action News 286

    March 30th, 2023  |  20 mins 52 secs
    alma linux, android, apache, arch, azure, background app portal, background apps, backporting, backports, bug, bugzilla, canonical, cbl mariner, centos, centos stream 9, cinnamon, clutter, console, cve, desktop environment, device security, distros, docker, docker hub, docker-sponsored open source, enterprise, enterprise linux, file chooser, flatpak, focal fossa, free teams, freefont, gcc, github, gnome 44, gnome software, google, gtk4, jann horn, kernel, linux, linux action news, linux desktop, linux mint, linux news podcast, lomiri, lts, lunar lobster, maps, microsoft, mobile, mutter, nix, notifications, open source, opengl, ota-1 focal, patches, perl, programming, project zero, python, qt, quick settings, redhat, redis, responsible disclosure, rhel, rocky linux, rolling release, rust, security, severity, stable kernel, systemd, ubports, ubuntu, ubuntu 23.04, ubuntu cinnamon, ubuntu cinnamon remix, ubuntu flavor, ubuntu touch, ubuntu unity, unity8, upstream, vim, vulnerabilities, waydroid, wayland, wsl

    What we're liking about GNOME 44, how Microsoft's Linux distro is trying to attract more users, and we bust a CentOS myth.

  • Linux Action News 285

    March 22nd, 2023  |  19 mins 24 secs
    ai, alt-svc, amazon linux, amazon linux 2023, apple silicon, asahi linux, aws, canonical, chatgpt, confidential computing, confidential computing consortium, conformance test, context-aware, curl, curl 8, daniel stenberg, deck, deepl, dnf, ec2, ethical ai, ethical ai rating, fedora, files, gl es, http, http/2, http/3, hub 4, kernel live patching, linux action news, linux foundation, linux news podcast, metal, microsoft, nextcloud, nextcloud hub 4, office 365, opengl, openssl 3, openstreetmaps, peertube, quic, rhel, rust, smart picker, speech-to-test, stable diffusion, talk, trusted execution environment, ubuntu, versioned repositories, vulkan, whisper, xonotic

    Nextcloud moves to the front of the pack with their new release, a moment to appreciate curl, and Amazon goes all in with Fedora.

  • Linux Action News 284

    March 16th, 2023  |  16 mins 57 secs
    blue team, commercialization, compositing, compositor restarts, container images, container registry, david edmundson, defensive security, docker, docker free team organizations, docker hub, docker-sponsored open source, dreamworks, elixir, fedora 37, github, github container registry, graphics, gtk, ipmi, ipmitool, justin cormack, kali, kali purple, kde, leftpad, linux action news, linux news podcast, localstack, moonray, name squatting, oci, openfaas, openmoonray, pentesting, purple team, qt, qt 6, qubes os, quobes os 4.1.2, ray tracing, red team, rendering, sanctions, security, virtual machines, wayland

    Docker's open-source crackdown, the Wayland regression solved this week, and why ipmitool's repo has been locked.

  • Linux Action News 283

    March 9th, 2023  |  13 mins 50 secs
    abi, agx, app store, app verification, apple silicon, asahi linux, canonical, cloud office, collabora online, deutsche telekom, direct uploads, eu, firmware, flathub, flathub focus groups, flathub payments, flatpak, fractional scaling, fractional_scale_v1, g13, g14, gnome, gnome 44, gnome foundation, gnome shell, google docs, governance, gpdr, gpu, graphics drivers, gtk3, gtk4, lifetimes, linux action news, linux app store, linux kernel, linux news podcast, m1, m2, memory safety, microsoft office, mutter, nextcloud, nextcloud office, opengl, privacy, productivity, robert mcqueen, rust, rust in the kernel, saas, security, self-hosting, t-mobile, triple buffering, universal packages, wayland protocols, wp_viewport

    Nextcloud's big new customer, some last-minute surprises in GNOME 44, and Flathub's ambitious plans for 2023.

  • Linux Action News 282

    March 2nd, 2023  |  19 mins 32 secs
    aya neo 2, btrfs, david sterba, direct i/o, ext4, ffmpeg, filesystems, free software, gaming device, gpd, gpu acceleration, hardware interrupts, hardware noise tool, hwnoise, jean-baptiste kempf, kde, linux 6.2, linux 6.3, linux action news, linux desktop, linux gaming, linux news podcast, linux scheduler, micro-optimizations, multi-threading, nintendo switch, noise tracer, open source, pc gaming, performance, plasma, plasma 5.27, plasma 6, qt, qt 6, qt6, raid5, raid6, risc-v, risc-v extensions, rust, rust in the kernel, scheduling, steam deck, suse, threads, valve, video encoding, vlc

    FFmpeg gets new superpowers, Plasma’s switch to Qt6 gets official; what you need to know. Plus we round up the top features coming to Linux 6.3.

  • Linux Action News 281

    February 22nd, 2023  |  14 mins 23 secs
    alchemist, apache 2.0, arc, bookworm, bpf, btrfs, centos 7, cgroups, cgroups v1, cgroups v2, control group, debian, debian installer, dg2, discrete graphics, docker, dreamworks, ebpf, geforce rtx 30 ampere, gpu, gsp, hollywood, how to train your dragon, intel arc graphics, kernel newbies, linux 6.2, linux action news, linux foundation, linux kernel 6.1 lts, linux news podcast, mcrt renderer, mesa, mesa 23, monte carlo raytracer, moonray, non-free firmware, nouveau, nvidia, openmoonray, puss in boots, ray tracing, resource allocation, runtime verification, rust, systemd, systemd 253, user-defined bpf objects, video production, video rendering

    Our favorite features in Linux 6.2, the Hollywood tool getting open-sourced, and a systemd update you need to know about.

  • Linux Action News 280

    February 16th, 2023  |  18 mins 45 secs
    bluetooth, canonical, cve-2023-22490, cve-2023-23946, desktop effects, discover, flatpak, fosdem, git, github, gitlab, global shortcuts, gtk, gtk5, kde, kde neon, krunner, kwin, linux action news, linux action show, linux news podcast, nvidia, open source, plasma, plasma 5.27, plasma widgets, preempt_rt, real-time kernel, rpm-ostree, security, steam, steam deck, symbolic link, symlink, tiling, tiling desktop, tiling window manager, ubuntu, ubuntu pro, vakve, vulnerabilities, wayland

    Some Git flaws you need to know about, we reflect on 10 years of Steam on Linux, and then dive into the much anticipated Plasma 5.27.

  • Linux Action News 279

    February 9th, 2023  |  16 mins 53 secs
    aarch64, apple silicon, arm, asahi linux, dendrite, dvr, element, fedora, fedora 35, fedora 38, fedora asahi, flathub, flatpak, fosdem, fosdem 2023, gnome 44, gnome software, interoperability, linux action news, linux news podcast, llvm, matrix, matrix 2.0, matthew hodgson, mesa, mythtv 33, peer-to-peer, podcasting 2.0, software packaging, synapse, unfiltered flathub, universal package formats, voip

    We round up some news from FOSDEM 2023, update a 21-year-old project, and the Fedora fix that's been a few releases in the making.