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Episode Archive

300 episodes of Linux Action News since the first episode, which aired on May 5th, 2017.

  • Linux Action News 267

    November 17th, 2022  |  15 mins 59 secs
    accelerated graphics, ami, aws, cm4, codecs, coreos, craig loewen, dvcs, facebook, fedora, fedora cloud, fedora linux 37, firefox, git, gnome 43, google, google summer of code 2023, gsoc, gtk 4, h.264, hyperv, hypervisor, linux 6.1, linux action news, linux news podcast, lts, memory safety, mercurial, meta, microsoft, miguel ojeda, networking, open source, pi4, raspberry pi, rust, rust for linux, sapling, translation layer, v3d, vcs, version control, virtual file system, vulkan, wifi, windows store, windows subsystem for linux, wsl, wsl 1.0

    We tried Fedora 37 on the Pi 4, the Google surprise this week, and our thoughts on the WSL 1.0 release.

  • Linux Action News 266

    November 10th, 2022  |  18 mins 40 secs
    .net, .net 7, arm64, camera api, canonical, coder radio, community, compression, documentation, fireside chat, fwupd 1.8.7, gpu, graphics api, haptic, ibm power, intel, intel innovation 2022, kamaros, khronos, libcamera, linus torvalds, linux action news, linux news podcast, lvfs, mark shuttleworth, microsoft, open-source, opengl, pat gelsinger, prague, pwa, star labs, starfighter, teams, thunderbolt 4, ubuntu summit, uefi, vulkan, work-from-home, xz

    Microsoft's new goodies for Linux users, the Ubuntu Summit wraps up, and our takeaways from the recent fireside chat with Linus Torvalds.

  • Linux Action News 265

    November 3rd, 2022  |  17 mins 27 secs
    4k random writes, apple m1, asahi linux, batching callbacks, bcachefs, buffer overflow, cow, disk allocator, fedora 37, freebsd, freebsd 14, freebsd ports, git, git forge, gitea, gitea fork, gitea limited, hector martin, idle power draw, irc, jason donenfeld, kent overstreet, kernel maintainers, lazy rcu, linux 6.2, linux action news, linux news podcast, mac studio, non-profit, on-disk format changes, open letter, open-source governance, openssl, openssl 3.0.7, power savings, power usage, raid 5, raid 6, read-copy-update synchronization, security vulnerability, twitter, wireguard, x.509

    What you need to know about that new OpenSSL vulnerability, the big bcachefs update we've been waiting for, and why the community is creating a Gitea fork.

  • Linux Action News 264

    October 27th, 2022  |  11 mins 57 secs
    22.10, 486 support, apple m1, asahi, btrfs, canonical, cpufreq, fedora 37, gitea, gnome 43, gpio, gpu driver, gtk4, hyperpixel, i486, kinetic kudu, linux action news, linux news podcast, lvm, m2, micropython, openssl, openssl 3.0.7, pipewire, raspberry pi pico w, steam snap, stratis, ubuntu, virtual linux workstation, wireplumber, xfs, zfs

    The focus of the new Ubuntu release, Gitea's surprising announcement, and Linux prepares to drop another architecture.

  • Linux Action News 263

    October 20th, 2022  |  17 mins 20 secs
    camkes, cve-2022-41674, cve-2022-42719, cve-2022-42720, cve-2022-42721, cve-2022-42722, fedora 37, firefox 106, formal verfication, impervious,, kataos, libwebrtc 103, linux 6.1, linux action news, linux news podcast, linux wifi flaw, lts, mac80211, microkernel, release party, risc-v, rust, sel4, sparrow, suse, tu darmstadt, wayland, webrtc, wlan frames

    What makes Google's new OS so secure, a critical WiFi vulnerability in the Kernel, and why Linus is tapping the hype breaks for Linux 6.1.

  • Linux Action News 262

    October 13th, 2022  |  20 mins 46 secs
    activities, android, apple, asrock, aura, canonical, captive portal, chrome os, chromebooks, cloud gaming, compliance, data leak, desktop linux, discrete graphics, dns, enterprise, firefox, google, gpu, grapheneos, gunnir, intel arc graphics, ios, kate, kde, kwin, kwrite, lenovo, linux action news, linux news podcast, mesa, mullvad vpn, neon, open-source graphics, pixel, plank, plasma 5.26, plasma big screen, plasmoids, privacy, security, software upgrades, stadia, system settings, thunderbolt, ubuntu pro, vlc, vpn, wayland, widgets, wifi, x11

    Plasma 5.26's standout features, Canonical flips the script on Red Hat, and why Android is leaking traffic outside VPNs.

  • Linux Action News 261

    October 6th, 2022  |  19 mins 26 secs
    6.1, accessibility, ai, amd, assistive software, backups, binary blob, btrfs, ceph, chat, clevo, collabora, data compression, debian, dyslexia, end-to-end encryption, face recognition, fedora, firmware, h.265, hardware, hevc, hybrid cloud, ibm, intel graphics, io_uring, jason ekstrand, k8s, keyboard shortcuts, kubernetes, lcd, linux 5.19.12, linux 6.0, linux action news, linux news podcast, lovelace, mail 2.0, mesa, ml, nextcloud, nextcloud hub 3, nextcloud talk, nvidia, nvk, object storage, odf, open source graphics, openshift, openstack, photos 2.0, radv, raid, raid5, raid6, raspberry pi 4, red hat, rook, rust, security, send protocol v2, send/receive, snapshots, software-defined storage, spectrum fusion, turing, v3d, virtio, vulkan, xfs

    Our thoughts on IBM slicing up more of Red Hat, what stands out in Nextcloud Hub 3, and a few essential fixes finally landing in the Linux kernel.

  • Linux Action News 260

    September 29th, 2022  |  20 mins 37 secs
    22.09, aerospace, apple m, asahi lina, asahi linux, asteroid, call blocking, call screening, dart, dimorphos, drm, e2ee, element, encryption, flight 33, gcc, glibc, gnu toolchain infrastructure project, gti, hdmi, ingenuity, jpl, kernel, kinetic impact, linux action news, linux foundation, linux news podcast, linuxcopter, mars 2020, marshelicopter, matrix, matrix-js-sdk, mobile linux, nasa, perseverance, plasma mobile gear, podcasts, red hat, rust, sdk, security, sfc, sleep timer, software freedom conservancy, sourceware, space exploration, vulnerability, wayland

    The controversial change for the GNU Toolchain, critical vulnerabilities in popular Matrix clients, and the significant milestone for the Ingenuity LinuxCopter this week.

  • Linux Action News 259

    September 22nd, 2022  |  20 mins 45 secs
    20.04, 6.1, accent panel, asahi linux, asus, async, builder, c, canonical, chromebook, concurrency, coreboot, files, foreign function api, framework, framework chromebook, glib, gnome 43, google, gpu drivers, gtk, gtk 4, intel e1000, intelligent edge computer, iot, java 19, jvm, latency, libadwaita, linus torvalds, linux action news, linux kernel, linux news podcast, lts, m-n threading, miguel ojeda, nxp i.mx8m, openjdk, parallel programming, pe100a, performance, perl, pixelbook, preemptive multitasking, privacy setting screen, quick settings, reactive, right to repair, risc-v, rust, system76, thelio, thelio redesign, throughput, titan c, virtual threads, wayland

    GNOME 43 highlights, Canonical's new hardware partner, and why we're disappointed in the Framework Chromebook.

  • Linux Action News 258

    September 15th, 2022  |  23 mins 32 secs
    2038 problem, ai, alien labs, async i/o, at&t, busybox, chromebook, chromeos, cryptocurrency miner, dark mode, digital wallets, ebpf, edr, embedded devices, facebook, firewall, fork, google, interpreter, io_uring, iptables, jens axboe, josh triplett, linux action news, linux foundation, linux foundation europe, linux news podcast, linux plumbers conference, lpc, malware, meta, mettle metasploit, ml, musl, nftables, nvme, open source, open source summit europe, opencl, openwallet foundation, openwrt 22.03, optimization, owf, performance, pixelbook, polymorphic encoder, posix_spawn, pytorch, reverse shell, router, rust, security, shellcode, shikata ga nai, shikitega, vfork, virus, vulnerability, western digital, wifi 6, xmrig

    The Linux Foundation takes a victory lap, Google kills another community-loved project, and key moments from the Linux Plumbers Conference.

  • Linux Action News 257

    September 8th, 2022  |  19 mins 58 secs
    a2dp aac receiver, aac decoder, arch, electron, fwsetup, grub, linux action news, linux news podcast, mircosoft teams, nmap 7.93, opus, pipewire 0.3.57, progressive web app, pwa, subsea cloud, suse 30th, uefi, unbootable system, underwater datacenter, underwater datacenter environmental impact, webview2

    Linux goes underwater, Microsoft kills the Teams' Linux app, and the nasty GRUB bug some of us could not avoid.

  • Linux Action News 256

    September 1st, 2022  |  17 mins 27 secs
    accessibility, bios, canonical, debian, debian debates, dhcp, feral interactive, firmware, foss, fwupd, gamemode, gaming on linux, general resolution, ipv6, linux action news, linux hardware support, linux kernel, linux news podcast, lvfs, mptcp, multi-path tcp, networking, networkmanager, non-free firmware, pine64, risc-v, snap packages, snapcraft, software freedom, star64, starfive, ubuntu, uefi

    Debian’s firmware future is up for debate, Pine64 teases a RISC-V SBC, and some of your favorite tools just got new tricks.

  • Linux Action News 255

    August 25th, 2022  |  20 mins 11 secs
    aarch64, alyssa rosenzweig, apple m, asahi, asahi linux by the end of the year, firefox 104, flatpak 1.14.0, flatpak command-line, gpu driver, idle ui, imagination bxe-4-32, kernel patches, kexec, kickstarter, linux action news, linux foundation technical advisory board, linux news podcast, mesa, metal, neverball, opengl, perl, risc-v, risc-v dev board, sifive, starfive, super early bird special, tab, visionfive 2, webmin

    Details on two new efforts in the Linux kernel, the Pi-like RISC-V board that just hit its funding goal, and a significant milestone for Asahi GPU driver development.

  • Linux Action News 254

    August 18th, 2022  |  19 mins 39 secs
    abi, android 13, anti-cheat, aosp, arch linux, art runtime, asus, bluetooth le, btrfs, carlos o'donell, checksums, copy-on-write, debian, debian day, debian's 29th birthday, defcon, doom, dt_gnu_hash, dt_hash, eac, easy anti-cheat, elf, encryption, epic, gabi, gaming on linux, glibc, glibc 2.36, gnu c library, google, google play, gpl, hardware hacking, ifixit, ios, jailbreak, john deere, kyle wiens, libstrangle, linux 5.20, linux 6.0, linux action news, linux gaming, linux news podcast, lru vm, major version number, mobile, oneplus, pierre-loup griffais, pixel, predictive back gesture, preempt_rt, proton, proton 7.0.4, real-time kernel, right to repair, rust, samsung galaxy, security, semantic versioning, sick codes, steam, tablets, timing attack, touchscreen, valve, windows, windows ce

    A Linux jailbreak that's a win for Right to Repair, our favorite things in Android 13, and the major features that just missed the Linux 6.0 window.

  • Linux Action News 253

    August 11th, 2022  |  21 mins 56 secs
    apt, bare metal, bernstein v u.s., btrfs stream v2, cbl-mariner, chainguard, compute express link, crypto mixer, cryptocurrency, cxl, decentralization, ethereum, fedora, ffmpeg 5.1, fio, firefox, foss, free speech, github, io_uring, ipfs, kodi, kubernetes, kubevirt, linux 5.15, linux 5.20, linux 6.0, linux action news, linux news podcast, lts, major version number, matthew green, media storage, microsoft, mpv, nfs, npm, oem install, open source, operating system, preempt_rt, purdue, python, raspberry pi 4 gpu driver, red hat, rpm, rust, sigstore, snapcraft, specially designated nationals, supply chain security, tornado cash, ubuntu 22.04.1, unattended install, vlc, xfs

    GitHub steps in it this week, Microsoft's Linux distribution now runs on bare metal, FFmpeg gets IPFS support, and the odd thing going on with the kernel.

  • Linux Action News 252

    August 4th, 2022  |  19 mins 59 secs
    amd, apple m1 nvme, apple soc, arm64, asahi linux, bluetooth, cm4, comet lake, compute module, docker, dxvk, fedora 37, fedora workstation, fesco, flatpak, gaming on linux, git, github, halo infinite, hardware, intel, io_uring, kde, lenovo, linaro, linus torvalds, linux, linux 5.19, linux 6.0, linux action news, linux gaming, linux laptop, linux news podcast, m2, macbook air, malware, mark pearson, mesa, meta, need for speed 3, ninja blade, nvidia, oem, pi 400, plasma, preempt_rt, proton, raspberry pi 4, risc-v, rust, security, shared fences, skylake, steam, steam deck, steam market share, stephen lacy, supply chain attack, valve, virtual keyboard, vulkan, wifi, xfs, zstd

    The real story behind the "Massive GitHub Malware attack," significant updates for the Steam Deck, and the inside scoop on Lenovo's big Linux ambitions.