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Episode Archive

Episode Archive

300 episodes of Linux Action News since the first episode, which aired on May 5th, 2017.

  • Linux Action News 283

    March 9th, 2023  |  13 mins 50 secs
    abi, agx, app store, app verification, apple silicon, asahi linux, canonical, cloud office, collabora online, deutsche telekom, direct uploads, eu, firmware, flathub, flathub focus groups, flathub payments, flatpak, fractional scaling, fractional_scale_v1, g13, g14, gnome, gnome 44, gnome foundation, gnome shell, google docs, governance, gpdr, gpu, graphics drivers, gtk3, gtk4, lifetimes, linux action news, linux app store, linux kernel, linux news podcast, m1, m2, memory safety, microsoft office, mutter, nextcloud, nextcloud office, opengl, privacy, productivity, robert mcqueen, rust, rust in the kernel, saas, security, self-hosting, t-mobile, triple buffering, universal packages, wayland protocols, wp_viewport

    Nextcloud's big new customer, some last-minute surprises in GNOME 44, and Flathub's ambitious plans for 2023.

  • Linux Action News 282

    March 2nd, 2023  |  19 mins 32 secs
    aya neo 2, btrfs, david sterba, direct i/o, ext4, ffmpeg, filesystems, free software, gaming device, gpd, gpu acceleration, hardware interrupts, hardware noise tool, hwnoise, jean-baptiste kempf, kde, linux 6.2, linux 6.3, linux action news, linux desktop, linux gaming, linux news podcast, linux scheduler, micro-optimizations, multi-threading, nintendo switch, noise tracer, open source, pc gaming, performance, plasma, plasma 5.27, plasma 6, qt, qt 6, qt6, raid5, raid6, risc-v, risc-v extensions, rust, rust in the kernel, scheduling, steam deck, suse, threads, valve, video encoding, vlc

    FFmpeg gets new superpowers, Plasma’s switch to Qt6 gets official; what you need to know. Plus we round up the top features coming to Linux 6.3.

  • Linux Action News 281

    February 22nd, 2023  |  14 mins 23 secs
    alchemist, apache 2.0, arc, bookworm, bpf, btrfs, centos 7, cgroups, cgroups v1, cgroups v2, control group, debian, debian installer, dg2, discrete graphics, docker, dreamworks, ebpf, geforce rtx 30 ampere, gpu, gsp, hollywood, how to train your dragon, intel arc graphics, kernel newbies, linux 6.2, linux action news, linux foundation, linux kernel 6.1 lts, linux news podcast, mcrt renderer, mesa, mesa 23, monte carlo raytracer, moonray, non-free firmware, nouveau, nvidia, openmoonray, puss in boots, ray tracing, resource allocation, runtime verification, rust, systemd, systemd 253, user-defined bpf objects, video production, video rendering

    Our favorite features in Linux 6.2, the Hollywood tool getting open-sourced, and a systemd update you need to know about.

  • Linux Action News 280

    February 16th, 2023  |  18 mins 45 secs
    bluetooth, canonical, cve-2023-22490, cve-2023-23946, desktop effects, discover, flatpak, fosdem, git, github, gitlab, global shortcuts, gtk, gtk5, kde, kde neon, krunner, kwin, linux action news, linux action show, linux news podcast, nvidia, open source, plasma, plasma 5.27, plasma widgets, preempt_rt, real-time kernel, rpm-ostree, security, steam, steam deck, symbolic link, symlink, tiling, tiling desktop, tiling window manager, ubuntu, ubuntu pro, vakve, vulnerabilities, wayland

    Some Git flaws you need to know about, we reflect on 10 years of Steam on Linux, and then dive into the much anticipated Plasma 5.27.

  • Linux Action News 279

    February 9th, 2023  |  16 mins 53 secs
    aarch64, apple silicon, arm, asahi linux, dendrite, dvr, element, fedora, fedora 35, fedora 38, fedora asahi, flathub, flatpak, fosdem, fosdem 2023, gnome 44, gnome software, interoperability, linux action news, linux news podcast, llvm, matrix, matrix 2.0, matthew hodgson, mesa, mythtv 33, peer-to-peer, podcasting 2.0, software packaging, synapse, unfiltered flathub, universal package formats, voip

    We round up some news from FOSDEM 2023, update a 21-year-old project, and the Fedora fix that's been a few releases in the making.

  • Linux Action News 278

    February 2nd, 2023  |  19 mins 43 secs
    appcenter, appimage, canonical, cosmic desktop, debian, dynamic render, elegance, elementary os 7, freebsd, hellosystem, horus, human interface guidelines, iced toolkit, improved battery life, libxfce4windowing, linux action news, linux news podcast, lts, macos, multi-monitor, offline updates, pop!_os, qt, rust programming language, security, simplicity, support, system76, ubuntu community, ubuntu pro, usability, virtualbox, wayland, xfce, xwayland

    A lot happened in the free desktop world this week, we cover the impressive releases, changes, and surprises.

  • Linux Action News 277

    January 25th, 2023  |  15 mins 48 secs
    32-bit applications, 64-bit, cisco, container runtime, containers, copy protection, cve, cve-2019-5736, desktop distro, docker, end of life, esm, extended security maintenance, fedora, gaming on linux, giuseppe scrivano, h.264 codec, h.265, hardware enablement, hwe, image-overwrite attacks, iot, kubernetes, linus torvalds, linux 6.2, linux action news, linux desktop, linux distributions, linux news podcast, lts, lukasz zemczak, media foundation, memfd, multiarch, nixos, obs, open build system, openh264, opensuse, pe format, podman, prctl, proton, runc, security, software patents, steam, ubuntu, ubuntu 22.04.2, ubuntu community, ubuntu pro, user namespaces, video codecs, wine, wine 8.0, wow64

    An Ubuntu expiration date approaches, openSUSE has a new handy solution, and the container security issue that remains unfixed.

  • Linux Action News 276

    January 19th, 2023  |  16 mins 44 secs
    adblock plus, adblocking, auditing, browser extensions, buffer overflow, c, christoph hellwig, cve-2023-0179, daniel berrange, declarativenetrequest, emulated network, firefox, firefox 109, go, iptables, jfs, journaling filesystems, kernel, libvirt, libvirt 9.0, linux, linux 6.2, linux action news, linux news podcast, macos, manifest v3, mozilla, netfilter, networking, nft_payload, nftables, oss-sec, packet filtering, passt, perl, privilege escalation, python, qemu, qumranet, red hat, reiserfs, responsible disclosure, security, snapshots, stack overflow, sysctl, ublock origin, unprivileged user namespaces, virtualization, vlan, webrequest api, windows

    A high-profile Linux kernel network flaw, we put JFS on a death watch, and break down the controversial Firefox update this week.

  • Linux Action News 275

    January 12th, 2023  |  12 mins 21 secs
    alexander motin, amd, arc, buffers, canonical, daniel van vugt, drm, dynamic triple buffering, file systems, gaming on linux, gnome 44, gpu re-clocking, gpu system processor, gpus, greg kroah-hartman, gsp, gtk4, intel arc, ixsystems, karol herbst, kde, kde wiki, linear, linux 4.9, linux 6.1, linux action news, linux news podcast, lts kernel, memory copies, multi-monitor support, mutter, nate graham, nouveau, nvidia, nvidia vulkan driver, nvk, open-source graphics, openzfs, oss, performance, phoronix, plasma 5.27, raspberry pi, rtx 2000, rust, the talos principle, uncachable buffers, uncompressed data, usb-c, vulkan, vulkan 1.0, x11, zfs

    OpenZFS has performance gains inbound, the end of a Linux era, and the achievement unlocked by the open-source NVIDIA driver.

  • Linux Action News 274

    January 5th, 2023  |  17 mins 1 sec
    64-bit, android, apache licensed, arm, backdoor, btrfs, bug, collabora, commit hashes, darktheme, debian packages, dependencies, docker container, elixir, flutter, gamescope, gnome, go, google, google home, gradle, hdr, installer, iot, java, javascript, kolide, lighttheme, linode, linux, linux action news, linux news podcast, lunar lobster, manifests, matt kunze, mic, mutter, nvidia, open source vulnerability database, open-source projects, openssf, openssf scorecard's vulnerabilities check, opensssf scorecard, osv database, osv format, osv project, osv schema, osv-scanner, php, python, redhat, risc-v, ruby, rust, smart home, smartspeaker, software bill of materials (sboms), steamplay, subiquity, supply chain practices, tooling, ubuntu, ui, valve, vkd3d-proton, vulnerability, vulnerability databases, vulnerability prevention, zfs

    Android is getting RISC-Y, the handy new Google tool going open source, the next nail in the coffin for ZFS on Ubuntu, and why you were right about smart speakers all along.

  • Linux Action News 273

    December 29th, 2022  |  17 mins 33 secs
    akademy 2022, anaconda, apple hardware, apple silicon, application themeing, arm, arm acquisition, asahi linux, canonical, christian schaller, cpufreq, d-installer, dbus, drm, fedora, flutter, gaming on linux, gles, gnome, gnome shell, gpu, gtk4, hector martin, kde, libadwaita, linux action news, linux kernel, linux news podcast, m1, m2, nvdla, nvidia, open-source graphics drivers, opengl, opensuse, pipewire, plasma, proton, raspberry pi, rust, sdd, steam deck, steamos, trim, ubuntu, valve, wayland, web-based installer, wireplumber, yast

    There are some stories so big they need a little more air time.

  • Linux Action News 272

    December 22nd, 2022  |  15 mins 16 secs
    act, actions, amd, audio, automation, bluetooth, christopher barnatt, ci/cd, continuous deployment, continuous integration, desktop linux, eben upton, electronics, explaining computers, git, gitea, gitea actions, gpu acceleration, graphics, hardware, hardware acceleration, kde, linux action news, linux news podcast, nvidia, open-source, pi 5, pipewire, plasma, pulseaudio, qt, raspberry pi, samsung, security, software, software development, supply chain, technology, vulnerabilities, wayland, wireplumber, x11, xfce, xfce 4.18

    Why we won't see a new Raspberry Pi until 2025, the first steps to Plasma 6 are being taken, and PipeWire gets a major Bluetooth upgrade.

  • Linux Action News 271

    December 15th, 2022  |  19 mins 7 secs
    2fa, activitypub, almalinux, apple silicon, borrow checker, btrfs, centos, centos stream, cern, chrome, cpu-entry-area, decentralized, efi, federation, fediverse, fermilab, gcc, gccrs, gnu compiler collection, google, graphics drivers, intel arc, intel on demand, io_uring,, kaslr, kernel, kernel address space layout randomization, lhc, linux 6.1, linux 6.2, linux action news, linux news podcast, live streaming, llvm, lts, merge window, mfa, mglru, monitoring, object storage, opengl, opentelemetry, otp, peertube, peertube 5, pinephone, raid5, raid6, red hat, rhel, rust, scientific computing, security, video editing, vulkan, wayland, wine, wine on wayland, youtube

    Why the next kernel will be "the merge window from hell," a holiday gift for Wayland users, and how the open source community could do more to take on YouTube.

  • Linux Action News 270

    December 8th, 2022  |  17 mins 25 secs
    alyssa rosenzweig, android, android 13, apple m1, apple silicon, arm, asahi linux, buffer overflow, capability-based-security, capsicum, cockpit, cpufreq driver, d-bus, d-installer, fedora, firefox, floppies, floppy disk driver, freebsd, gaming on linux, gl2, gles 2.0, gnome, google, graphics drivers, icmp, linux 6.2, linux action news, linux desktop, linux news podcast, m2 hardware, memory safety vulnerabilities, mobility phosh, opengl, opensuse, ping, purism, rust, rust adoption, security, suse, tumbleweed, vulkan, wayland, web-based installer, x11, yast

    The Linux kernel has some exciting updates this week, including a significant Asahi milestone and some good news for Android. Then we take openSUSE's new web-based installer for a spin.

  • Linux Action News 269

    December 1st, 2022  |  17 mins 29 secs
    accel, anker, arm gpu, camera footage, chromecast update, clamav, classic ubuntu ecosystem, composefs, compute accelerator subsystem, cve-2022-36449, drm-accel, drm-next, eufy, linux 6.2, linux action news, linux news podcast, loopback mounts, mir, ostree, ota-24, paul moore, pixel 6, podman, project zero, ubuntu touch, unity, unity remix, wayland

    Old school Ubuntu has a new cool, Google calls out Google, and some IoT news you can use.

  • Linux Action News 268

    November 24th, 2022  |  15 mins 46 secs
    accel, ai, apple silicon, arch linux, asahi installer, asahi linux, audio, bluetooth, broadcom, compute accelerator subsystem, direct rendering manager, drm, external usb, habana labs, hardware acceleration, headphones, inet wireless daemon, integrated speakers, intel, intel gna, intel wifi, iwd 2.0, linux action news, linux audio, linux news podcast, linux plumbers conference, m1, m1n1, m2, macbook, michael larabel, ml, networking, nvidia nvdla, oded gabbay, peter robinson, phoronix, phy driver, power management, power saving, power usage, reverse engineering, s2idle, s3 suspend, thunderbolt 4, usb 3, usb boot, wifi, wireless, wireless internet

    The contested subsystem coming soon, a sobering assessment of wireless support in Linux, and a triumph for free software.